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Engagement, Bridal and Weddings

With over 30 years photographing weddings, we are years ahead of the pack when it comes to wedding day coverage! After all, we photographed our first wedding in 1977, years before some other wedding photographers were born!

When Mark started in photography, film was the only option. Mark to get it right the first time, without looking on the back of the camera! There was no looking at the back of the camera to see if you got a good image. Specific courses in wedding photography taught him to think beyond the camera, deeper into the wedding itself.

After all, your wedding isn't just a party to show off a beautiful dress... it's a celebration of love. Love between a couple, love of parents and their children and love of friends! It's a chance for a couple to publicly proclaim their love and to include their families in the celebration!

Best of the Basin 2010 Best Photographer