Your group went out of town for a photographer? Or picked a photographer that charges too much for sports posters? That's right, some photographers charge over $50 for each booster board! That makes it almost impossible to use booster boards as a fund raiser! Call us and see why we can help your group with boards that you CAN make a profit on!

And, if your group didn't let you even purchase individual posters, we can help with that too! We can create a fun, individualized poster for yourself and family! Give us a call!

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Whether it's a junior high school sports team, band, choir, High School orchestra, college track team or anything in between, we can get you excellent group photographs!

Here's a list some of the groups we've done this year!

Bonham Orchestra

Hood Junior High School Football

Midland Trinity High School Football

OHS Football

OHS Volleyball

OHS Swimming

OHS Harp Ensembles

OHS Girls Basketball

PHS Majorettes

PHS Flag Team

PHS Gymnastics

PHS Swimming

PHS Satin Strings

PHS Orchestra

UTPB Dance 2009-2010

UTPB Cross Country

Best of the Basin 2010 Best Photographer